Saturday, October 26, 2002

So JHC Steve is a cool bootleg remixer. Check out his stuff. 80% Humanoid is pretty cool.

Also, DJ Martian has a fairly comprehensive blog dealing with music.

So, still being sick and under the weather, and feeling sickly and weak, I'm having some very odd thoughts. Like Clifford the Big Red Dog. What are his true origins? I'm sure he was made in an ex-Soviet genetics lab, by splicing some elephant genes into a dog embryo. But wouldn't our military industrial complex love to get their hands on him? I mean, cover him in anti-tank armor and load him with weapons and train him to kill, and he would be unstoppable. That's why I think Birdwell Island is actually a secret black-ops facility, and Clifford is slowly being taught to unquestionably obey "Emily Elizabeth," if that's her real name. It's sick I tell you.


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