Friday, November 22, 2002

Well, Mike , as well as Clint and Jason, neither of whom seem to have a website, have made it to Tijuana. Mike's next destination is Mexico City. I can't emphasize how cool this is that one of my best friends is doing something so profoundly neat.

So, via Metafilter, I found this site about a husband and wife doing something like what Mike is doing. They are walking from South Africa to the tip of Argentina, crossing the Bering Strait. Who knows, maybe Mike will meet them somewhere in Central Asia or the Middle East? That would be mega cool.

This is a very interesting online speculative Etymological Glossary comparing Uralic-Altaic languages with Sumerian and Dravidian languages. I don't quite follow all of it, but it's interesting nonetheless. When you go back 10 or 15 thousand years or more, the possible connections between languages become very tenuous, I guess. But it's neat to think about how far a language could spread. Especially when people like Mike are showing just how small the world is, even when you're only on foot.


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