Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Working on circuit bending this old Radio Shack reverb that I have. I'm going to install some switches and variable resistors so that it goes from cheesy plate reverb into gigantic spasms of super crazy feedback delay. Or something. There's also a possibility of, if I can find a suitable tape loop system, that I could do some funky stuff with feeding its output back into it at like a 1 or 2 second delay, depending on the tape loop system. But that's highly conjectural. Anyway, bent reverb minus tape loop system should be done tomorrow. Also, hopefully, tomorrow while I have the soldering iron out I'll finish bending Mike's old Yamaha PSR-6. It's not nearly as glitchy as the Yamaha PSS-460, but it's more controllable. Basically, you can make it do little jumps between synth voices while you're playing it.

I also opened up this old Ibanez Fuzzbox/Distortion pedal that Jeremy gave me ages ago. It's normally suitable for heavy metal and such, but I'm going to attempt to create distortions in that little box that have never been dreamed of. We'll see.


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