Monday, February 03, 2003

Heard a quote yesterday, listening to NPR about the Columbia. Someone called in and said that they had heard an interview with Kalpana Chawla. In the interview, they asked her what was the most amazing thing about being in space, or something similar. She said, as she turned and looked out the window, that when she looked out the window, she could see the Earth as a whole. And then, when she focused on the window, she saw a reflection of herself, at the same time. And when she looked into her reflections eyes, she saw the Earth again. She saw the Earth and all of creation in her own eyes.

I think that's really beautiful. If anyone can find the exact quote, please send it to me.

I finished building a passive ring modulator last night. It doesn't quite work right yet, but I think that's because I scavenged an old transformer for it, and I needed 2 of them, and Radio Shack only had 1. So hopefully later I can replace the part and it should work better.

Opened up my Casio MT-100. Thinking about doing a patchbay type circuit bend type thing with it.


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