Saturday, June 07, 2003

Work is progressing nicely on the Chuck Mangione versus Rare Earth versus Prince Far I booty. It's tedious at this point, because what I'm doing is basically cutting and slicing a breakbeat that I constructed from a Rare Earth instrumental, from this LP called Motown Instrumentals. What I did is that I slowed down the Chuck Mangione tune, and ran it through delay, so it's got this real tripped out feel, and now I'm slicing the Rare Earth breakbeat into time with the Chuck Mangione Piece. I'm having trouble finding enough Prince Far I vocals that are dry enough to make neat little dubby effects. Maybe I'll just wing it. I'm probably going to add some adlibbed scratches from the Chuck Mangione record, too.

Well, I should have a few new ambient Abstract Sound Collective pieces on my site soon. However, I'm seriously considering just buying a domain and making my own mp3 site. Wouldn't be cheap, but it might be worth it. Any of my more web saavy friends out there willing to help me set the thing up?

Finished the Speak & Math bend. The troublesome thing is that it won't stay on, but it does the coolest little shards of digital feedback blurbs. Sounds very cool through a few layers of dub delay. Should sound amazing once I get my full live setup going.


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