Thursday, August 05, 2004

Just got back from Memphis. Went to Shangri-La, one of the coolest record stores ever. Picked up some Yoruba African drumming.

In response to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who seem to be funded by some well connected Missouri Republicans, John Kerry has released his official military records, here.

Also, a very interesting timeline of political events related to 'terror alerts' here.

And finally, all the dots connected. Despite findings by the 9-11 Commission that Saddam Hussein did not have a connect to Al Qaeda, and likely did not possess weapons of mass destruction, the stated reasons for our invading Iraq, the Bush administration continues to obfuscate and lie about nearly everything of any importance, including the fact that they cherry picked the least relevant and reliable information in regards to Iraq and WMDs.

All of these links collated for your reading pleasure via Metafilter.


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With all these political posts, your blog is starting to look like mine.

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