Wednesday, October 06, 2004

At last Thursdays game, Frank mentioned some curiosity about my habits as far as daily sites I visit.

Well, here they are:

First I visit Metafilter, then Monkeyfilter, then Fark, then Plastic, then Boingboing, then Drudge (if I feel like subjecting myself to that.) Then Obscurestore. Oh yeah, an EM411. Can't forget that. Used to be djddx on there, but I'm now going by the name emergent, and hopefully that's the name I'll be releasing all my glitchy, drone ambient electronic music under.

Then I visit some webcomics. First is Schlockmercenary. Then I visit Superosity. Then Wigu. Then Achewood. Then Toothpastefordinner. Then Pvponline (even though Kurtz really ticks me off sometimes). Then Something Positive (which Mike turned me on to.) And of course, Bob.

Then I check in on some blogs, often infrequently. Usually less than daily. First is usr/bin/girl. Then Kottke. Then Stevenberlinjohnson, writer of Emergence (where I got the idea for the name 'emergent') and Mind Wide Open. Then the diary of Samuel Pepys, always illuminating. Then Accordion Guy. Then LinkMachineGo, which often has neat stuff about comic books, albeit from a mostly English perspective. Then Loriloo.

Then I check in with friends. First up, VendorX, then Kara. It always surprises me how few of my friends, otherwise much more technically and web saavy than I am, have blogs. Webjournals. Whatever. And a few of them are even writers of some sort (I'm looking at you two, Ken and Clint. *cough* *cough*)

Oh yeah, some more electronic music type links. I try to visit this circuit bending livejournal at least once a week. It's really only interesting if you're into circuit bending. Also of interest, if you are, is Cementimental's links.

Then I check on Coast To Coast Am, to see what's going to be on the radio tonight. Then CNN. Then of course, there's always the Kingdom of Loathing.

That's about it, I think.

Anyone else care to share their habits? Not the nasty ones.


Blogger F said...

Thanks, Pete! No longer a subject of speculation- I know where you visit!

3:50 PM  
Blogger Wahoo said...

Well, there's all the friends' weblogs, then all the political blogs (alicublog, xoverboard, counterspin central, daily howler, daily kos, drudge (because I'm a masochist), eschaton, factcheck (thanks for the tip, Cheney!), oliver willis, spinsanity, talking points memo, the internet party, washington monthly, and this modern world), then the daily show site, the mighty fark, salon, the smoking gun, snopes, engrish, gywo, and then my work day is pretty much shot.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vendor X sez :

For my money, everyone should be reading for some really excellent poltical opinion. I also get a kick out of diepunyhumans and therudepundit. For cartoons, you might add cat and girl, but you wouldn't have to, and I definitely include Penny Arcade, both the comic and Tycho's excellent writing. Memepool is a great place to go to find interesting things without having to deal with hours of idiot opinions and flames, is the first source of news to shock or make really relevant. is a friend's site worth noting, and finally, to bring it all home, the perfect and pure flash humor of homestarrunner.

4:55 AM  
Blogger Wahoo said...

holy shit, I can't believe I forgot homestarrunner.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the erratic ninja sez:

i have an rss reader built into my browser so i just visit what has been updated but here is my list:

engaget gizmodo josh rubin:coolhunting slashdot and hack a day cause i am a gadget obessed tinkering nerd.

treehugger cause i am all of those things and like the environment.

xscarx and fayetteville_ar livejournal to see if anything good is happening in fayetteville (usually is not)

wil wheaton's blog cause he is a good writer despite being wesley crusher

penny arcade cause its funny and i like video games

my friends blogs like mandounette, noctrnl sunshine, lachesis, the blog of the rockstar formerly known as jeremy hall and this blog.

my own website cause i want to see if anyone commented on anything.

neil gaiman's blog cause he is a great writer and i am a fanboy.

homestarrunner and the onion cause it is the funniest shit hands down.

alton browns blog cause i am a food nerd.

em411 cause i am also an electronic music nerd. cause i enjoy its a lot of the good stuff from all of the above sites condensed into one.

that's about it i think.

3:32 PM  

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