Sunday, December 04, 2005

If you're awake right now, you should be listening to Star's End. Seriously. Just sayin'.

Also, Saul Stokes is going to be playing a live show on Star's End coming up in March I think, after playing at the Gatherings Series in Philadelphia. There's an open remix project for Saul's next album which I'm going to try my hand at. Should be fun.

I know some of you loved the music from Doctor Who, done by the Radiophonic Workshop of the BBC. Get LoFi had a cool story about the Radiophonic Workshop. There's a very interesting documentary from BBC4 linked. Worth watching (despite the creepy guy in the background of some of the shots).

I totally love Delia Derbyshire. What an amazing lady she was.

Made a killer salmon vindaloo tonight. Thanks Ken and Jess for the vindaloo spice. I already miss you guys.


Blogger Ken said...

Miss you too buddy.

9:43 PM  

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