Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Speaking of podcasts, etc, Tim Exile has a pretty cool radio show on Resonance Fm in England, and you can download his first show here. It's pretty cool if you like experimental music with a jungle/IDMish bent, with lots of studio noodling. Some of it is a bit noisy. Just so you know.

Also, I've been asked to do a little laptop set at Soulstice, June 24th, kind of under the radar, as it were. I won't be on the lineup, but I don't really care. So that should be fun. I'm going to be doing a kind of ambientish/downtempo set, with sprinklings of fractal grooves and odd EM:Tish vocal components, to set the mood.

Oh yeah, and I finally got my DM2 to work with my laptop with DM2MIDI, so I'm able to use that to trigger loops and mp3s in Live, and the O2 to fiddle with stuff with the knobs and keys for software synths and effects. It's so cool and fun.


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