Friday, October 18, 2002

So, I was playing Delta Green last night with the guys, our normal Thursday night thing. The game was going great, really exciting and all sorts of crazy stuff going on, until an unfortunate sewer disaster called our Game Master Frank home. So that got me to thinking about roleplaying games and how people think about RPGs.

The wives of all of our gaming group tend to make fun of us at times. Yes, sometimes it's amusing, mostly it's just annoying. I know this girl at work, Gina. Her boyfriend comes in sometimes and we talk about RPGs and she laughs at us. I tell her that she should play sometime. And then she says something like "oh, I'd really not be interested in something like that." Which only shows her ignorance.

You watch TV, or go to the movies, right? RPGs are just like that, except that they require more of you. They require you to be a participant, rather than a passive viewer. The only reason I could see for someone not enjoying something like that is just sheer laziness. Or ignorance of how much fun it can be. RPGs require intelligence and skill and an active imagination.

So, the next time one of the wives starts in on us, I'm firing back with something like, "you'd rather we go to Hooters next Thursday?"

It gets old being told that something you really enjoy, something that is so utterly cool, is stupid and dorky. Especially by people who really don't know what they're talking about.

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