Sunday, November 24, 2002

A very odd thing happened yesterday.

My friend Wil, who went to high school with my friend Clint, who used to be my roommate (before he moved to LA;they're slowly working on a comic book together) came up to see me. Wil's mother is from Okinawa. Wil knows about my obsessions with exotic or strange cuisines, and so he brought up a package of Japanese Curry for lunch. It was quite good. We made Chicken Curry, and added carrots and potatos and onions. As far as I understand it from Wil, the Japanese style of curry is very influenced by the English notion of curry. Consequently, it's a very different thing from Indian or Thai curry. It tasted kind of like someone took the sauce from beef stew and added curry powder to it. It's not what I thought of as curry, but it quickly grows on you.

So, after lunch, and after watching My Neighbor Totoro (done by the same guy who did Spirited Away), we went to the Korean Market on South College, and to the Ozark Natural Health Foods Co-Op.

While we were at the Co-op, the check out girl asked us if we were brothers. Wil is half Japanese, but has long hair and a goatee. I have longish hair and a goatee. I GUESS I see how someone could ask that. The odd thing, is that people used to ask that about Mike and me, whenever we would go somewhere. Same thing with Clint, back when we both had long hair.

I guess I just look brotherly or something.


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