Friday, January 10, 2003

"Sundown, you better take care
If I've found you've been creeping around my backstairs."

Gordon Lightfoot sings those words so beautifully, it makes the threat in them that much more ominous.

Might have a solution for the tape loop system idea. More on that at a later date, if it works. The Radio Shack reverb is now bent, and the Ibanez Powerlead distortion is also, but I can't find the back of the case, so I can't close it up just yet. Never mind. Brain storm, just found it.
The Ibanez distortion is now POWERFUL distortion. Almost ring modulatorish with kind of a phase distortion thing. Very lo-fi. And the reverb unit now goes into screaming feedback mode if one of 2 switches are switched. The cool thing is, that there are two different kinds of tonal qualities to both bends, but they both can work at the same time.


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