Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Konono No1, via Metafilter.

"This band is one of the main exponents of a spectacular style of music which has developed in the suburbs of Kinshasa (DR Congo). The Congolese call it "tradi-modern", in other words : electrified traditional music."

Very interesting. They use salvaged parts to amplify their music, and the resulting distortions they incorporate into their music.

Finished reading Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. Some of his ideas really resonate with some "hidden spectacle" ideas I've had for a while, related to marketing some of my music projects. The idea is, if you make something "hidden," people will want to find it.

Got a haircut. It was at Regis in the mall. This girl named Coco cut it. She's really good. You should go get your haircut by her, if you happen to be there. And if you need a haircut.


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