Monday, February 10, 2003

Nothing much going on. Fixed chicken curry for dinner.

Contemplating the mysteries of electrons. It's amazing how we can get these little waves/particles to behave in ways that are somewhat predictable, and even, dare I say it, useful. I was messing about with this toy drum machine thing, and I was looking for useful bends, in other words, I was short circuiting the circuit and looking for interesting results. What was cool was that when you connected these two resistors, it would go into this neat droning phased distorted tonesweep. Very cool. Not at all like a snare drum, really, which is what I was expecting.

I think what I find really interesting about circuit bending is how you can, if you're lucky and the toy/keyboard/whatever your bending is above a certain threshold of complexity, you can get these really neat nonlinear feedback loops. Which is basically what life is like. A nonlinear feedback loop. These things sometimes exhibit "behavior" that you might find complex, nearly random at times, but not. It can be earily beautiful.

Mike, by the way, is now in South America, in case you were wondering.


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