Friday, November 05, 2004

According to Greg Palast, if the voting procedures in Ohio hadn't been so seriously screwed up, Kerry would have won. In other words, the exit polls were accurate. It's just that some peoples votes count more than others. There are serious questions about the validity of this election, at least from my point of view. Even if it's going to be ignored by the so called 'liberal media.'

I know many people will read this and say 'oh no, Pete's put on his tinfoil hat. Here comes the conspiracy theories!'

Whatever. This election doesn't look any less rigged than 2000, to me. The Junta has won. They get to push through their agenda, emboldened, despite any protests of healing the national rift. We can look forward to truly Reaganesque deficits and perhaps even a Brazil-like collapse of the American dollar, not to mention the wrath of all the people that we'll be pissing off with our Pax Americana. Also, if you happen to be gay or are friendly to any form of civil rights then you can kiss any form of fairness or sanity goodbye. If they were willing to kick out or arrest grandmothers who wore Kerry-Edwards stickers from Bush rallies during the election, what won't they do now that they've 'won'?

Long live Caesar.


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