Sunday, November 07, 2004

My friend Ken, and a group of his Little Rock (mostly, I believe) friends have a political discussion weblog over here. It's a FOAF situation, Friends of a Friend, some of whom I've met. Likable fellows. Certainly worth reading their viewpoints.

Although, one thing that would make their site cooler is if they would enable comments on posts. But maybe that's just me.

Here's an interesting little quote from Andrew about the recent election that I found really inspiring and lucid, despite the flying shitstorm fallout that's engulfed us all as a result of the election (the bold emphasis is mine):

Mission Statement-

So what must I do? For me the Liesurely Clinton Era is over. I think it may be over for us all. Now is the time of activism and dissent. I can no longer sit back and watch as the ideals of this nation are twisted and perveted.

There is a cancer in this nation. It is a cancer of the mind where the symptoms are fear and reactionism. It is time for a systemic response to that cancer. From the smallest local election to the next presidential race we must seek to excise this cancer. A time of unification? No. I refuse. I will not betray my ideals for a handshake and a smile.

For all people of progreessive thought it is time to dig in your heels and fight. Kerry may not have had the cojones to do it. But we do. We must. It is either that or allow the tide of fear to overcome us. And we all know where fear leads.


Blogger Ken said...


I've asked the site owner if he'll invite some others at my discretion...and/or turn on the comments feature.

7:16 AM  
Blogger Wade said...

I've turned on the comments function to the Great Minds... blog. Feel free to join in the debate.


2:29 PM  

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