Monday, March 07, 2005

So, my friend Ken has a new blog. And, as the man makes his living by writing, you'd think he'd find it easy. But I get the impression he doesn't. Drop by and give him a little encouragement, if you get the notion.

In other news, I've started circuit bending the 707. It's remarkably easy, and I'm quite encouraged by the results I've gotten so far. I've just installed two switches so far, both of which give a kind of distorted, filtered sound to the drum sounds. I bought a rotary switch so that I can connect multiple points on one of the integrated circuits to one key point, and I'm also going to install some momentary switches for a brief, unsustained effect.

Oh yeah, and I completed an Abstract Bootleg Remix last night. It's a mix of David Kristian's Ectopic Beat (a drum'n'bass track, pitched down to absolute menacing laziness), Ananda Shankar's Sagar (a sitar and moog synth spacefest), David Hudson's Woolunda (didgeridoo track by a didg virtuoso), and a track Uluru Dreaming off of a didgeridoo compilation. I don't really have a good title for the remix, so I'm open to suggestions. I probably won't do anything with it until I'm done with the Number "Theory Numerology" MegaMashup. Then I guess I'll send it off to KXUA, and maybe one to Grooves Mag. I'm very inspired by the beats in David Kristian's early stuff (that track was from like '97).

My next circuit bending projects, after the 707 and repairing my old Radioshack reverb unit (the "DUBSTAR"), is to A) install one of those glow in the dark green LED glowsticks into the "Glitchstar" (my circuitbent, painted chrome Yamaha PSS-460) for an odd ambience, and B) to cobble all the little sound producing circuits that I've collected over the past three years into one housing, with multiple switches and knobs. The heart of the monstrosity will be two circuits, one of which is the sound circuit from a toy raygun, and the other one is a promotional item from a magazine that makes a godawful choir sound singing the praises of a particular shampoo. I'm also going to use some LED blinker circuits as improvised LFO circuits, basically. I'm thinking about calling the whole assemblage the "Droidstar."

That's all for now.


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