Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My friend and former KXUA compatriat (I used to have a radio show; he still does, the "Concrete Schoolyard") Will (aka Luminfire) has a website. He gave me a CD of some hip-hop mashups that he mixed together, a few months ago. It's very very good, if you're into hip-hop at all. I'm sure if you go to his website and ask him if you could have a CD, that he might send you one.

I love his hip-hop show, but I really miss Cipolin Structure, his old show. That show was devoted to so-called IDM and ambient types of music. Anybody listen to KXUA religiously? Is anybody doing a show like that lately? Bo's Digital Earthquake (on Sunday nights) is cool, but more varied in its thematic content, you might say, being devoted to all sorts of electronic music. Sometimes you just need some Autechre jittering away in the background, you know?


Blogger Michael "VendorX" Heaney said...

In relation to your Brian Eno post, Pete, I was gonna mention that I, myself, am quite taken with Empty Frame from Wrong Way Up with John Cale, for much the same reasons you stated in the post for liking your favorite.

3:22 AM  
Anonymous Bo said...

Ask and you shall receive!

I haven't done an experimental/Ambient show in a while, and I think I am due for one soon. Since it's electronic I am more than happy to play it, especially since no one else is gonna. (Not to mention that it's cool like that)

We do have another electronic show right now on Friday from Midnight - 2, it's DJ Illectron and it's mostly psychedelic rave music. We are about the only two electronic shows right now.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

Well poo. Well, I guess that's the cool thing about college radio. At least it's rather diverse.

We need to hang out some time Bo. I got an email from Will. He mentioned something about sushi on Saturday nights. I'm working this Saturday, but maybe soon I can go with you guys.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

Uh, by the way, you do that Fireworkswar stuff? Are YOU CRAZY?

11:25 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

Man. Seriously. You think you know a dude and then you find out he gets his kicks by firing bottlerockets at his friends.

Sounds like the kind of thing Mike might do. But not me. I'm fond of my eyeballs.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

That being said, I'm totally down for observing next year's war.

11:37 AM  
Blogger munkee girl said...

ARGH...I just tried to check out the kxua site, and it obnoxiously redirected me to download the latest version of Macromedia Flash player--there is no way to get to the site (that I can see) unless it detects you have it. I find this fascist and refuse to comply.

Is the Almighty Easter Bunny still on? High-larious. He's a former student, and I've lost touch with him over the years.

12:11 PM  
Blogger Michael "VendorX" Heaney said...

Ha HA, sounds like something Mike HAS done. I remember back in my early teens, Finn and I engaged in more than one truly excellent fireworks war, with friends and enemies in the surrounding area.

Our finest war, I think was the land/sea battle which was waged, Finn and I in a canoe in the middle of a pond armed with a fine stock of various weapons, against several opponants on shore with bottlerockets. Bottlerockets, as you may know, are nigh on impossible to aim, and many launched at us flew quite wide, some going underwater. When a bottlerocket flies under water, it often still manages to explode, and the little flashes of light under the surface of the pond and the gentle, rocking shudder the canoe experienced shortly after lent a real 'battle theater' feel to the whole event.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Yeah, that's the curse of a recently redesigned site, Kat. Which they just did.

My big beef with the KXUA website is that the playlists. They don't seem to work for me. Instead of searching through the playlists, there should be a 'browse' function so that you could look at particular days using a monthly calendar.

And Mike, you and Finn are crazy. But I've always known that. And that's why I'm fond of you guys.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

the Almighty Easterbunny is funny. But he bugs me. I don't know why. Something in his voice.

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Bo said...

To asnwer all your questions read below:

Peter: Yes, We have sushi every Saturday at our favorite place. It's in Bentonville, but it's worth the drive. You are always welcome!

Peter: Yes! That's me, and I am working on a documentary of it all. It's done, but in low quality, if you want to see it. We shot almost $5,000 worth of fireworks.

Munkee Girl: Yes, our entire site is now done in Flash, sorry for the inconvience. The reason is so that our catalog as well as our instudio and office programs can all run together more smoothly. And be really pretty. I didn't code it, so that's about all I can tell you.
And yes, The Easterbunny is still on. Sunday mornings from 10am-Noon and Thursdays sometime, I forget.

Vendorx: We've always wanted to do a sea battle. But with the amount of artillery we have and some of the weapons we build (i.e The mortar Catapult) we'd need barges. Heh. But I am jealous that you guys got to do it!

Peter: I'm glad you mentioned the beef you had. We are trying to find and squash all the bugs in the current design. What we have now is by far from being done! We need suggestions like that to improve, cause we can't catch everything!

Thats all for now.

10:38 AM  
Blogger Michael "VendorX" Heaney said...

Bo, wait, lemmee clarify here. You did a documentary of fireworks wars? That is incredibly cool. I'd give...well, not my left arm to see such a thing, but I'd find one almost as good...

11:16 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

Someone else's left arm, maybe?

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Will said...

Pete: Speaking of my hip-hop show, I just gave it up a few weeks ago. Delicious Dave is now hosting it, and it's still called The Concrete Schoolyard.

I actually tried doing Cipolin Structure again this summer for about two weeks, but my heart wasn't really there. I still have a soft spot for that stuff, but I just got SO burned out on it after doing that show for like four years. I'm now doing a rotation shift: 3-6pm Fridays. It's a lot more laid back, and there's much less preparation involved. And it's a welcome change of pace.

10:01 PM  

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