Friday, September 09, 2005

Steven Johnson, one of my favorite non-fiction authors, who wrote "Emergence," a book about the science of emergent order and complexity, has a very interesting essay over on his blog detailing how Katrinagate (my words, not his) perfectly illustrates all eight of Bush's key weaknesses:

Obsession with Iraq at the cost of all other national priorities
Unwillingness to admit mistakes

Hostility to science

Embarrassing juvenile attitude

Indifference to the fates of the poorest members of society

Cronyism and unwillingness to fire anyone for incompetence

Tendency to spend way too much time on vacation

Inability to plan and execute large-scale operations effectively


Blogger Michael "VendorX" Heaney said...

I think it's vital to also point out that in virtually every instance, Bush has chosen to dismantle working plans of action and hire, not merely incompetents, but the MOST incompetent people, for any given job.

We have all the evidence that this same level of strategy reshuffling occurred before 9/11, as well, where competent people were replaced with people who had little or no experience, where effective strategies were abandoned, either to be replaced with untried and unrealistic approaches or simply ignored. Any idiot can comprehend that Bush has systematically done what is WORST for this nation at virtually every turn. It just took a disaster to illustrate why his actions are bad.

It's like Finn always says, you can't distinguish a good kayaker from a bad one in smooth waters, only in heavy rapids.

1:26 PM  
Blogger dj said...

Hey, Bush'll fire people for incompetence! Provided it's them showing -his- incompetence.

Either way, I feel sorry for -anybody- who wants to be president after Bush. I can't imagine anyone with enough leadership in either party to unite the country to deal with the current state of the country, let alone where it'll be in two more years from now.

"The politics of failure have failed! We must make them work again!"

2:45 PM  

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