Friday, September 08, 2006

I saw Mike off today with a bottle of my own homemade herbal/spice liqueur. He seemed to enjoy it. It was so good to see him, but of course, the time is always too fleeting. He came out to our show last night, and even rocked it out on the keyboard/laptop while I played some didgeridoo. Fun.

We're getting new windows tomorrow for our house. Yay lower heating/cooling bills.

The wife and I are going down to Little Rock for the weekend, for a baby shower. It will be very nice to see the family and our friends Ken and Jess again. Not looking forward to the drive, though.

Ok, obligatory youtube link. Wondering Where The Lions Are, by Bruce Cockburn. Watch it. Listen to the lyrics. It's good. Good good good. In a goofy sort of way.


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