Monday, September 25, 2006

It's probably no surprise to those of you who know that I used to have a radio show on KXUA that focused on 'intelligent' drum n bass and atmospheric/ambient music (it was called Abstract Excursions) that I would be recommending what I'm about to recommend. For quite a few years I have been quite enamoured of the sound of the Good Looking (when I DJ'd my radio show, a lot of the stuff I played was from Good Looking) stable of intelligent drum n bass, especially Blu Mar Ten. If you go here, there is a post about and link to a download of Blu Mar Ten's Face of the Earth Mix. This is quite simply one of the most transcendent mixes I've heard in quite some time. Lots of good stuff. Omni Trio (with an Aquasky remix) starts it out, over Brian Eno talking about ambient music, Blu Mar Ten, of course, Future Sound of London, Fleetwood Mac, LTJ Bukem, Maya Angelou, Vangelis, Orbital, the Verve, Tangerine Dream, Photek, and lots of other stuff. This is very eclectic. It's almost scary how good it is.

Oh yeah, and Graham Hancock is going to be on Coast to Coast on Thursday night to talk about his latest book, Supernatural. If you're at all interested in entheogens, ethnopharmocology or shamanism, you might want to stay up late and listen. It might be kind of far out for some people, but I bet it won't be boring.


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hi there - there's more nice mixes at if you fancy them :0)

chris blu mar ten

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