Friday, December 13, 2002

They did Wil wrong again man. They didn't invite him to the premiere of Star Trek X.

Dude, Wil is cool. He's just like me, and he's just like you. Peeps just don't even know how cool that dude is.

It's almost like the idiots in charge over at Paramount have this desire to kill Star Trek. I hate them all. Bastards. Their writers suck, they have no sense of continuity or anything like that. Want to know what a great Sci Fi series is? Look at Babylon 5. Oh, wait, they stole Babylon 5's idea and story arc and put it in Deep Space Nine. Have you noticed how each Star Trek show sucks more than the last? I tried to give Enterprise a chance, but it's just a little too hokey. Not enough real Sci Fi in it. Too many badforehead aliens.

I got your back Wil. Peeps better reprezent. You don't mess with my homie.


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