Saturday, January 18, 2003

For those who have read The Watchmen, by Alan Moore, there is this annotated web site. It's pretty cool. The Watchmen is probably one of the coolest things ever written for the comic book format.

I still remember the time when Clint and I were rooming together at Cheryll Lynn apartments, way back in '92 I think it was, and I was very bored one night. He had a rather vast collection of comics at the time. So he let me read his collected Watchmen, with the warning that I shouldn't do it all in one sitting.

Which I promptly ignored. I sat up all night reading. And in the morning, he came downstairs, and I was devastated. "WHY DID YOU LET ME DO THAT?" I think I asked him.

It's quite a mindshattering experience.

And I highly recommend it.


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