Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Finished putting up the new bookcase in the back laundry room. Now my computer room/studio is starting to shape up. I moved the couch out into the living room, so I can put Mike's computer and the keyboards against the wall that's free now. Putting all my old copies of Future Music, Computer Music, Scientific American, and Discover out in the back room on the bookcase.

Peter's wish list 2:

A dubplate cutter. Dubplates are temporary "records" that are cut into acetate substrates. They're not vinyl. They have a limited use, because the acetate wears out fast. A lot of jungle/Drum N' Bass DJs in the UK use these to play tracks that they just made out in clubs or raves or whatnot.

Or, alternately, an old record press machine. I have had no luck even finding any for sale. I know there used to be a record pressing company in Fayetteville back in the 60's and 70's, but the machine was probably sold long ago.

A huge warehouse space to record in/ have performances in.

An old public address system with all the speakers from an old drive-in theater. The reverb effect you got from the sound of nearer speakers getting to you before the sound from speakers further away was really cool. Would be super cool to use in a huge warehouse space. See above.

Old broken pianos, if I had the warehouse space to store them.


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