Thursday, April 07, 2005

So, the Freesound Project is something that I found over on EM411. Essentially, it aims to be a new open source database of samples and sounds, using the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License. Which is cool and exciting, if you're into creating original music, but still love the challenge of sampling something and then making it your own.

Speaking of Creative Commons, my friend Alan over at MinisculeWombat has revamped his online record label, and is offering all the stuff under a Creative Commons license.

"what that means is you are welcome to share this music as much as you want. we are also using the sample plus license which means you can sample and remix our stuff as long as you credit the artist and don't try to make money off of our art. if we aren't going to make money off of it (we aren't trying anymore) then you can't either."

So, that's totally cool.

In other news, I'm peeing a lot, but not really in any pain. Uncomfortable sometimes, but no pain.


Anonymous the erratic ninja said...

wow i didn't know anyone was still paying attention... thanks for the mention..

now i HAVE to get some tracks from you to release on miniscule wombat...

and you and i have to talk soon about doing a colab.

and it sucks about the kidney stone.


5:00 PM  

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