Saturday, July 16, 2005

So, Harry Potter was freakin insane. Seriously. One of the busiest nights in the cafe that we've ever had. I like being in that zone sometimes, where you're so busy you almost can't think. It's kind of exhilarating. But not last night. It was the suck.

It was fun to see all the silly costumes and all the kids so excited. That was neat.

My wife, as some of you may know, has recently gone from being a blonde to being a redhead. This is totally cool. And by totally cool, I mean totally sweet.

The wife is currently reading the new Harry Potter book, by the way. "I should have read the fifth one again..." she said. So take that as a warning, those of you without eidetic memories.

If you have a taste for progressive house/progressive trance, whatever they're calling it these days, you should listen to some James Zabiela. He's using Ableton Live lately to do his mixes, instead of records and turntables. That's really cool. They're playing one of his mixes on SomaFM right now, and it's got a really cool remix of Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode mixed with some Sasha track off his Airdrawndagger album, it sounds like.

Speaking of Live, I got a laptop, and since this next week is my vacation, I plan on setting up some Live sets, and hopefully publishing them on my empage soon. Also, finishing up the EP for Allen. Should be done yesterday, but I've been way too busy getting ready for Mr. Potter. Hopefully soon, since I'll have a few days to work on stuff.


Blogger Kara said...

Yay, the madness is over! Have fun on vacation.

2:59 PM  
Blogger munkee girl said...

Mmmm--wwHAHAHA!!! I've finished reading it, if anyone wants to discuss.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Michael "VendorX" Heaney said...

As some of you may know, I very much like discussing/debating things like politics or philosophy. As a result, one of my most embarrassing vices is that I chat on IRC. Well, Saturday night I witnessed one of the most horrificly dickish (and yet oddly hilarious) behaviors I'd ever encountered on the chat medium.

A small group of people became aware of certain, shall we say key spoilers, at the end of the latest Potter novel, and took upon themselves the responsibility of going to every chat room, web forum or message board they could revealing it to all and sundary.

It's awful how the net can unleash the inner scum that resides in so many, but it can also be awesome to witness just how dedicated that more loathesome aspect of the psyche can be.

11:27 AM  

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