Friday, August 03, 2007

So the Aum Festival was incredibly cool. Lots of nice people. And I got to play some fun music. At first, when I started playing, there was practically no one at the Chill Out tent/geodesic dome thing. But the next thing I know, I looked up from my two laptops and two CD turntables to notice that A) the sun had set, and B) there seemed to be a lot of people hanging out, chilling out to my tunes. Which was gratifying. The main atmosphere piece that I started with was crafted from heavily processed frog sounds, and ironically enough, when I started playing it, all the frogs and cicadas in the surrounding forest seemed to be singing along with what I was playing.

The recording I made seems to be way too noisy. So I'm attempting to craft a recreation of the event. I have some ideas to improve upon it. We'll see how it goes. I hope to have it up on yousendit or somesuch on Monday night. It'll be a big mp3, two hours long. So be warned.


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