Monday, August 18, 2003

Found during last weeks record hunting foray:

2 Bollywood soundtracks, one to Raj Kapoor's Bobby, and the other to Trishul.
3 Walter Carlos records, including the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange.
2 exotica records, one Exotica by Martin Denny, the other is called Erotic Percussion.
One avantgarde classical album called Signals: The Percussions of Strasbourg.
Schonberg's Serenade Opus 24.
Command Records the Million Dollar Sound of the World's Most Precious Violins.
Electronic Music III, early electronic music when it was still in the domain of classical musicians using oscillators and tape recorders.
Fly Me to the Moon and the Bossa Nova Pops, cheesy bossa nova derivative pop-jazz music.
The Smurf, an early hip-hop 12 inch by Tyrone Brunson.
Keith Jarrett, Hymns and Spheres. Jazz on a Baroque church organ.
The Sound of Sound, a collection of sound effects like passing jets and thunder and such. Good to scratch with.
Musical Treasures of Indonesia. Sadly, no gamelan type stuff. Mostly cheesy songs played on an instrument akin to a ukele.
Process 35 Percussion, which aside from some rough edits, seems to be the same as another album called Taboo.

I'm a vinyl junky.


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