Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Yet more of what my in-laws would probably claim is a liberal rant:

Over on metafilter there's a thread about how the Bush administration essentially tried to give Governor Blanco an ultimatum, to try to gain Federal control over New Orleans, which would have certain fringe benefits eventually for Bush's corporate cronies.

Here's the blog the thread links to. I find it very interesting.

Impeach the lot of them, I say. This is profoundly criminal. The next time I hear a Republican spewing about 'state's rights,' 'integrity' or 'family values' I'm going to vomit. I'd vote for a zombie FDR at this point. Hell, even a zombie Harry Truman, as long as he kept his mits off my brain.

End rant.

In other news, I'm reading this cool book by S. M. Stirling, the guy who wrote the Draka Series, called the Protector's War. It's set in an alternate universe in 2006 where, for some as yet unstated reason, some massive worldwide catastrophe in 1998 called 'the Change' essentially destroyed all electronics. Maybe a massive solar flare. Who knows? Anyway, it's a neat kind of near future, post apocalyptic sort of quasi-medieval romp. Dark, gritty, but very very interesting and believable.

In other news, my wife and I are going to go see Ravi Shankar at the Walton Arts Center. How cool is that?

Oh yeah, and this is a cool flash game (but very hard) about a ninja. I suck at it, but it's kind of fun, in a stick figure ninja sort of way. Found on metafilter.


Blogger Natalia said...

Again with the links I am drawn to clicking on... ick... stop... need to work.


9:59 AM  
Blogger Michael "VendorX" Heaney said...

Alright, my last addition to this rant got bumped (Bush supporters in blogger, no doubt,) but I just want to point out something as regards republican qualifications to run this nation at this point.

Let's say we ignore all of, and I mean ALL of the vast reams of documentation and fact demonstrating corruption, power mongering and callous disregard for the population they're supposed to be serving that's obvious and apparent among the Bush administration.

Let's instead pretend we're mentally unsound and assume that everything that administration has told us regards their desires, motivations and methods is true. Two facts still scream out. Fact number one, regarding the toll taken from the nation, from human life to morale to economic damage, Hurricane Katrina was far more destructive than even the most extreme terrorist attack on U.S. soil (9-11). Simply put, draining resources from both disaster prevention and response to fight terrorism was not a winning formula, and there were many people saying so from the start. Bush was incapable of dealing with more than one potential aspect of civil protection at a time, and that’s a pretty poor count for a full executive administration.

Fact number two, given that a good portion of training and resources put into fighting ‘terror’ were, in fact, designed exactly for responding on this level of post disaster crisis (dealing with urban chaos, homelessness, looting, starvation, loss of vital services) the federal response to the Katrina disaster should have run like a well oiled machine. Instead, we discover FEMA, which is now really little more than a civil oppression tool, was unable to coordinate anything, but is refusing to allow non-FEMA aid, which is better organized and in far greater numbers, to operate without first being processed through FEMA, resulting in possibly the worst response to the needs of a suddenly and violently disenfranchised people we’ve seen in the U.S.A. in my lifetime.

At best, and I mean if you give Bush the greatest benefit of the doubt, here, he and his have still shown a level of incompetence that no civilized people should allow in their government. I was arguing with this republican shill about this yesterday, and his response was, “well, at least we’re learning from our mistakes.” The trouble is that we already knew how to deal with disaster situations like this. We had excellent procedures in place, both public and private, which Bush either dismantled, mangled or refused to allow to operate. We’re not learning anything at all except that Bush, as has been his modus, has been inclined to remove working programs for programs that don’t do anything worthwhile at all.

And as for this being a ‘liberal’ rant, fuck that shit. At this point, ‘liberal’ appears to mean every person who isn’t attached like a lamprey to Bush’s dick. Anyone capable of seeing that when an administration strips money from the protection of the citizenry to a: feed the rich and b: fight a foreign war against an ‘enemy’ their own ex-secretary of state openly declared to pose no threat at all, that that’s a bad administration, well, they’re liberal, which means that liberal is anyone with an IQ over fucking sixty.

Anyone who can’t grasp that the people of New Orleans, of an entire City, were just ass raped in order to give MORE money to the richest people on earth are idiots, and the instant they call anyone pointing this out just a ‘liberal ranter,’ they should be taken out and shot as criminals against humanity.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

I can't say I really disagree with anything there Mike.

I was thinking this is criminal bungling, but the more I heard about what FEMA was actually doing (cutting emergency lines to the police, keeping out emergency supplies that they hadn't vetted, etc.), coupled with the Fed's mafiosolike shakedown of the Governor, I'm inclined to believe that they saw this as an opportunity, and are evil fucking bastards.

If the Republicans aren't voted out in the next congressional election I fear I may have a stroke.

And of course, the spin machine is already trying to blame the locals. "Oh, the locals should have asked for help." They did. The Mayor declared a state of emergency. So did the Governor. They requested Federal help. On national television. More than once.

The fact that the administration's talking heads are not FROM THE VERY START saying "You're right, all the big boys (and girl) were on vacation, this guy we've got running FEMA is an idiot, and we really fucked this up" just shows that they're at the very least not straight shooters, and certainly not the stand-up kind of people who would actually take responsibility for their screw ups.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

"When Wal-Mart sent three trailer trucks loaded with water, FEMA officials turned them away, he said. Agency workers prevented the Coast Guard from delivering 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel, and on Saturday they cut the parish's emergency communications line, leading the sheriff to restore it and post armed guards to protect it from FEMA, Aaron Broussard, president of Jefferson Parish, south of New Orleans, said." --NYT

1:12 PM  

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