Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So, I'm reading The Thousandfold Thought, by R. Scott Bakker, the third book in his Prince of Nothing series. It's quite interesting, and even though it is quite difficult to get into at first (it very much starts in medias res), it is a quite rewarding series. Essentially, it takes place in a fantasy setting 2000 years after an Apocalypse, which stopped just short of utter and total disaster. The 'bad guys' basically won. The context of the current novels is a massive Holy War between one religion and another. It's quite good. The books explore some very interesting philosophical ground, but I think Bakker's strength is his characterization. His characters are deeply believable. Here's his website.

I am also reading Mycelium Running, by Paul Stamets, subtitled How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World. It's basically about bioremediation, and the joys of the mycological. Totally cool.

Listening to Limbik Frequencies. If you haven't listened to Limbik Frequencies, you really should.

Also, in the domain of geekery, I am about to update my Ereth blog (the blog for my D&D game), as we are now playing D&D again, and I'm also publishing a wiki for my Ereth setting, here. Ah, the joys of the imagination unleashed! It's quite embryonic at the moment, so be kind if you look at it.


Blogger dj said...

The wiki looks pretty slick!

I never realized just how big the continent was. Me thinks there's perfect potential for some aquatic adventures involved a crashed space-ark in the Inner Sea too.

Or some %^$#ed up Cthulhu stuff. "And in ancient times, the star demons smashed into the earth, and the righteous gods flooded them so that the world might be spared their evil. But the wickedness of man was great, and the star demons began to awake from their slumbers of death."

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