Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well, as some may know, I am pretty convinced of Sturgeon's Law, especially when it comes to popular music. However, I am rather surprised that John Legend got Best New Artist at the Grammy's, simply because I kind of dig his stuff (especially Ordinary People). I'm not all about the hippity hop, but I do dig stuff that's more influenced by the soulfull sounds of gospel music.

Now if only he'd work with Autechre.

Speaking of Autechre, thinking of doing a small series of bootleg remixes of Autechre versus Boards of Canada, with all the samples manipulated beyond comprehension, kind of outAutechring Autechre, in a way, all cut up and splintered, glitching glitches. It'd be an act of pure wanksterism. And the results would be totally airwolf.

Also, speaking of the Grammys and bootleg remixes, Linkin Park and JayZ did an live remix with Paul McCartney. It's kind of neat, but still missing something that the Grey Album had.


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