Saturday, November 17, 2007

So, things are heating up in My Pants, in regard to the scavenger hunt clues on Brotherhood2. It seems that poor Hank has been abducted by a ninja, (watch until the end) whose note read 'Call Divorce Dog Where Kennedy Was Shot'. What does it mean?! Of course, the first thought was Dealey Plaza in Dallas. And the new thought is perhaps there is a clue hidden somewhere on the site of the old Ambassador hotel in LA, where Bobby Kennedy was shot. It's all very mysterious and interesting. Also, it seems that John's clue from 11/15 is still kind of unsolved, maybe.

In other news, two new VSTi finds.

The first one is Softrave Hang, an emulation of a Hang, which is something like an inverted miniature steel drum. It has a very metallic resonant sound, and sounds great through some reverb and delay.

The second is actually a suite of VSTis, which is the Sounds of Nature by xoxos, the winner of the KVR Developer's Challenge for 2007. It's really neat. There are emulators of wind, rain, thunder, bird song and insect noises. Very interesting. Not perfectly like the real thing, but that's actually an interesting aspect of the instruments. If you automate some of the parameters and have them change over the course of a track, the results can be quite odd.


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Oh, Pete... "things are heating up in My Pants"? ;P

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