Friday, August 22, 2008

If you share an amateur interest in mycology, ecology and generally are concerned about the current state of the environment, you should watch this lecture by Paul Stamets, entitled 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World (at TED). Paul Stamets wrote the book Mycelium Running, which is incredibly informative and enlightening. Going out on a limb, I think that bioremediation using fungus to clean up toxic sites will become increasingly important in the next few years.

In other news, Osiris Synth has finally completed their new version of the Cymbiant. The morphable oscillators are very intriguing (a little judicious use of delay, modulations and reverbs, both in the same track and also as fx sends, and you can get some amazing ambient washes and sweeps, I'll leave the particulars to you). But, again, there's nothing like that supersaw sound, for my money.

Also, my morning glories are really starting to take off. I'm excited about that. The basil in the garden is going crazy. Probably time soon for a mega batch of pesto, half of which will be freezer bound.

In other other news, I'm hoping to soon have a new liveset mp3 representing the direction my live psytrance shows are headed, over at my virb page. I'll probably eventually be taking down a few of those tunes, reworking them. If you like loud, very very crazy sounding electronic music, you should check it out. I think I might actually kinda know what I'm doing now.


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