Saturday, April 26, 2008

I finished the rough sketch for an interactive Ambient set in Live yesterday, which hopefully I'll be able to present at an artshow that a friend of a friend was wanting to throw sometime in the near future. It's pretty cool. Basically, it's two FM8 synths, each fed into its own FX channel, with PiWarp and my own custom built reverb/phase/delay combo in Live. I'm using a set number of very long MIDI files of irregular length, with some randomness effects added, to vary the velocity and notes played. The MIDI files will be triggered in a random fashion using follow actions in Live. You can see something using a similar technique here.

There are going to be some more interactive aspects to my sound installation, one aspect being some circuit bent toys/keyboards through dub delay, which the audience will be able to play with, the other aspect being ambient room mics fed into delay and then into a radio transmitter, which will broadcast to small radios spaced throughout the room.

At any rate, when I know more, regarding any sort of performance, you will too.

Oh yeah, found a good/short youtube video showing how to make a simple kick/bassline for psytrance in Live. Here.


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