Tuesday, April 19, 2005

In answer to a query, yes, I plan on having some MP3s of some of my stuff online soon.

Also, you should check out Circuit Bending Cedar Rapids, a cool blog about circuit bending, one of my hobbies. Of course, this guy seems to be much more prolific and skilled at it than I am. Of course, it's also kind of out of date. But still some stuff worth looking at.

Also, check out this page, Creative Misuse and Abuse of Musical Tools, which has a whole bunch of examples in quicktime format of everything from musique concrete, electronica, turntablism,
From the about page:
My fascination with the musical appropriation of the glitch served as my point of departure, but I soon realized that, fundamentally, the aesthetic appropriation of mistakes, the unexpected, or "wrong" processes is nothing new in the arts, and especially not in music: Free Improvisation, Turntablism, and tape-based musics are all obvious examples of such practices. Of course, that is not to deny the power of such practices in a larger context: that of pop (music or culture) where formulaic processes are the key to success.


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Blogger Jake T said...

hey--I was browsing the fayetteville blogs tonight, and saw yours--I didn't know anybody in F-ville was doing circuit bending stuff. very cool. Hopefully, soon, I'll have a chance to browse through more of your blog--very cool.

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