Monday, December 31, 2007

So, John Green, being the hella cool nerdfighter that he is, has posted his last vlog of 2007 up on Brotherhood2.0. In this post, he brings up the fact that Baby Made Of Awesome Jack was promised a babywarming gift (and incidentally that I was the first nerdfighter/brotherhood fan named during the project) like way back in January by he himself, and such gift has so far managed to keep from apparating. It seems that this lack of giftingness is about to come to an end.

So yeah. That's cool.

What do the brothers mean to me? It's hard to quantify. They're amazingly funny and smart guys, and while I adore John's work as an author, it's been really amazing and wonderful to get to know these guys to the extent that they've shown themselves to us, in the process of them rediscovering their connection as brothers. I feel very lucky and blessed to have been allowed to witness any of this. And the side effects, the unexpected results of their project has to be the most amazing thing of all. The nerdfighters have proven time and again that mass effort can have very positive results. I like that. That makes me happy. And hopeful.

I used to be a rather negative person at times. I still can be. But being a dad makes me hope for the future. And worry, obviously. But hope is important.

It seems that the project is ending in some way. But also perhaps transforming into something larger and hopefully even more wondrous than it has been. Which is neat.

As an aside, Mike and I discussed last night the idea of taking my abandoned online roleplaying game of Oridyr and turning it into a collaborative fiction project, with the end goals of perhaps having a shared world at the end that works of fiction can be set, and also, perhaps, to have a good and rich setting for a roleplaying game. Duley and Clint, if you're reading this, you should probably email me if you want to get involved. I want this to be a bit more decentralized than the last time. But I still want to make the maps, if that's cool with you guys.


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