Saturday, January 04, 2003

Why there is no such thing as the "liberal media".

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Things I plan on doing during my vacation:

1. Cleaning the house.
2. Getting some more bookcases. I have too many books.
3. Getting together with Brian and Meredith to jam. Meredith has two really cool pieces of equipment, an old church organ with a spring reverb, and a Rhodes electric piano. I want samples.
4. Getting together with Allen to make some sound mayhem.
5. Making some atmospheric sound recordings if it rains.
6. Getting a keyboard stand for my midi controller.
7. Organizing my record collection, finally.
8. Finishing a few tracks for my demos. Sending them out.

etc. etc.
Vacation is close. Oh so close.

Things I want:

An etymological dictionary.
A cool delay pedal to make dubby sounds with.
A proper professional keyboard, like the Hartmann Neuron.
A house.
A puppy.

In no particular order.