Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ok, guilty pleasure confession here. I'm really digging on Julian Lennon's "Too Late for Goodbyes" lately. I know it's cheesy, totally bad 80's syn toms, bad FM synths played in a faux reggae skank sort of groove. I should hate it. But I love the damned song. I know a lot of people will tell you that Sean Lennon is the 'cooler' of the Lennon siblings (and his album Into The Sun is pretty damned cool), but Julian is pretty cool too, I think.

Also really diggin' on some Modest Mouse lately. Which is totally way crazy for me, since it's all kind of 'indie rock' and all that stuff. But I'm diggin' them ever since I saw them on Austin City Limits.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So, I have a recommendation. Clint's flickr forays led me into exploring flickr, which has led me to amalthya, otherwise known as Laura Darby. Laura is spending some time in Equatorial Africa, doing work with chimpanzees. Which appeals to me for obvious reasons. So yeah, I greatly admire what she's doing, and think that her words and her photos are often quite compelling. Check it out.

Also, there seems to be some crazy stuff going on where she is in the DRC, so she might be leaving there soon. Scroll down and read her post about 'evacuation'. Nerve wracking, but interesting.

Also, in other news, Matisyahu, which monkeegirl referenced in the last post's comments, is on the Late Show tonight, with Craig Ferguson. Pretty cool. I prefer my reggae to be a bit more roots and bit less 'chant down Babylon' stylee, though.