Sunday, October 19, 2003

Beth and I got back from KC tonight. It was a cool trip. I ate way too much food. Genghis Khan is very good. I wish we had Mongolian barbecue in NW Arkansas. Someone could make a killing doing that.

I got a really cool Rahsaan Roland Kirk LP at Recycled Sounds. It's called Other Folks Music. I also got a silly but neat easy/lite "smooth" jazz/fusion record by Dan Siegel, called Oasis. Very silly. I feel like I should be waiting in a dentist's office in 1982 listening to this record.

The new computer is cool. Hopefully, Mike and I will spruce up its music making capabilities tomorrow, installing a new soundcard and software and such.

Hey, do yourself a favor, and visit a site called Ambientrance. There are some really good recommendations if you have a taste for modern electronic music.