Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So, an old friend of mine, Ben Winnick popped up on my Flickr account the other day. He has some really cool photos, and a neat blog where he makes various forms of food and then photographs the result. It's pretty neat. You should check it out.

Also, via Metafilter, is this site by Paul Sop. Paul has built a really cool and very complex analog synth, and it is constantly running, producing random sounds. That would be cool enough, but it turns out that you can listen to the whole thing streaming on the web. LIVE! How cool is that? If you have trouble listening to it, I copied the link and then opened it in winamp.

Here's yet another cool random link. Saul Williams from the movie Slam speaking truth to power. Very cool.

Oh yeah, and I've got a new song up on my Myspace music page. And I should have another one soon, as soon as their servers get done processing it. They're Nine Fields Fractal, and Unmaking the Void Edit (it's edited because it's a 20 minute long ambient piece, and that's too long for Myspace, I guess).

Sunday, September 17, 2006

So, I'm really groovin' on finding some cool music on Youtube lately. The latest find is a video by this band called Hot Water from South Africa. It's pretty cool. Kind of a funky happy sort of thing. The other find is this cool video of this band the Dharma Farmers. It's a tabla, a didgeridoo and a guitar all jamming together. Cool cool cool. Good didj player. Needs a sitar instead of a guitar pretending to be a sitar, though.

Also, here's this funny but neat video of a girl (from the 60s?) talking about color on LSD. I love the way her eyes get really big, and the way she says 'monochromatic'.

Also, part one of one of the last interviews Terence Mckenna gave before he joined the Ancestors.