Thursday, January 05, 2006

The sickness has transformed into a mere cough at this point. I don't feel as craptastic as I did. I'd say I'm about 85% well at this point. I'm feeling better by the hour.

Nothing else to report. Beth made an amazing Tofu Pad Thai last night with Fettucine noodles. It was so good that we had the leftovers tonight for dinner. My appetite is returning, too. So that's good.

Monday, January 02, 2006

A foul and evil sickness has descended upon House Horton in the last few days. I thought that I'd had it licked, but I feel worse tonight than I did yesterday morning.

So, my wonderful wife brought home from Little Rock yesterday a MIDIman O2 USB MIDI controller. It's really cool, and has immediately opened up new possibilities. I've got more control at my fingertips now. It's hella cool.

It was amazingly good to see Clint. I'm just sorry that I was sick the last two days he was here.

Ok, going to go cough myself silly now.