Friday, April 15, 2005

Via Monkeyfilter, this site about a guy who plans to bike through North and South America, searching for culinary wierdness and delights. Shades of our beloved friend Mike, and his ill-fated first trip, eh? Let's hope he stays away from the Colombian cookies.
The last twenty four hours have been decidedly unpleasant, to say the least. Basically, long story short, I went home from work yesterday after both A) straining some muscles in my back and abs lifting a box and B) ralphing in the bathroom. I then spent about the next 10 hours either ralphing, preparing to ralph, wanting to ralph even though I had nothing to ralph up, or wishing that I would never ever never ralph again. Ugh. Now I'm just drained and weak, kind of feverish with a very sore throat. The good news is that the muscles I strained seem to be okay now. So that's good.

I find that the oddest states of mind that I've ever had have been when I've been sick and sleeping, and kind of drifting between abject misery and unconsciousness. It makes for the strangest dreams.

I found this at Boing Boing today. Essentially, it's a DJing rig that you plug your ipods into. Which is neat.