Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First, in the realm of musical experiments, very interesting goings on over at the Photosounder blog. Apparently someone has figured out how to manipulate sounds as images and viceversa. Very cool.

Also, oubliettezombie has some very good sound design tutorials for Ableton. In a similar vein, Tom Cosm has posted a very cool insight into how he works on tracks in Ableton. Very very cool.

In other news, BBC radio had a very interesting interview with Delia Derbyshire (who, despite the fact that she has passed on, and that I am a very married man, I am basically in love with) back in 1997. You can listen to part 1 and part 2 on the youtubes. She was far ahead of her day.

My friend Clint posted something funny on youtube, since this is such a youtuberific post, which you should watch. It's pretty funny.

The Tueday lunch Indian Buffet at Ellas up on Campus pretty much rocks. Very very good, I am happy to report.

Reading Conn Iggulden's Genghis Khan novels (well, the first one, so far). It's magnificent.