Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First, here is this ultra lo-tech version of a still using a plastic bag, a plastic tub and a rice cooker. Cool. If you don't go blind, I guess.

Second, here is a picture of a book that I got at the Dickson Street used bookstore, the Uses of the Past, by Herbert Muller (sitting on top the gift subscription to Saveur that Nick and Sarah got us; thanks guys!). I used to own that book an awful long time ago. There's something about really old books that I just find comforting. Anyway, it's an interesting study of past societies and how they compare to our own civilization. The analysis is a bit dated (it was published in the 50's originally) but compelling and articulate all the same.

Also, it's SNOWING!!!

And here's Jack, looking cute.

Finally, if you're not watching Brotherhood 2.0 you're really really missing out (also here). The future of TV isn't on TV, as far as I'm concerned. More people need to do stuff like what they're doing.

Finally, if you write, you might find WikidPad really useful. It's like a cross between a wiki and a notepad program.

Also, since I have not been able to play with the Thursday night crew, I've been thinking of running a Play By Post game soon. (just for friends, not open to the public). Not sure if it would be related to my D&D campaign. Probably not. Suggestions for the system to use?