Thursday, March 13, 2003

So, there's this interesting (or not) discussion going on over at Metafilter about this new program that analyzes musical trends of chart toppers, and I guess it will let the record companies craft more chart toppers.

But this is totally farked up, because the charts aren't really decided by market economics. Ever heard of payola? The record companies PAY to have their big pop stars at the top of the charts. There's nothing natural about it at all. It's a manufactured phenomenon. So really, the program predicts nothing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I stand corrected. Andrew Abb points out to me that Lee Scratch Perry wrote Small Axe, not Bob Marley. Which really shouldn't surprise me, considering how large an influence Scratch had on Marley.

Didn't go to work today. Apparently when I was carting my bag'o'stuff to Arsagas last night to work on some D&D stuff for Thursdays game, and to listen to some jazz, I pulled something. I woke up today and my arm hurt like hell. I could barely lift it. It seems to be doing better, but that could be the red wine talking.

Listening to Rafael Toral. His music is amazing. Very meditative.

I let Meredith borrow my 4track, with the understanding that I could sample her. She has this really cool old church organ with a genuine spring reverb that I covet.

Her band, PitySing, is playing with the Tickle on the 26th at Chesters, I believe.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

This is an interesting article on Abstract Expressionist Film techniques by Loren Means. I'm really intriqued by the ideas and images. I wonder if I could find an old 8mm projector in one of the flea markets around here.