Sunday, April 02, 2006

Interesting blog I discovered the other day: worship the glitch. Also, from a link I found on said blog, is the game Flow, which I find to be quite interesting and relaxing. Kind of reminds me of the earliest bits of Spore that I've seen.

Working on some new music. Glitchy intricate soundscapes, fractal grooves that slowly evolve, sweeping synth sounds, acid lines that evoke the acid house music of an earlier era, but through a process of decay and degradation. I'm quite enthused about it, which I haven't been for some time. Hopefully I'll have a track done soon. I seem to be running up against the limits of what is possible with my laptop, as far as heavily processed sounds are concerned, which is forcing me to render my sounds as mp3s, and then resample them back into Ableton Live. An involved process. I have a fairly definite direction for what I want to do, similar to some of Saul Stoke's stuff, but also in a similar vein as Proem or Monoceros.

Oh yeah, and I'm incredibly excited at the prospect of the Radiodread album that's coming out, which is a dub reggae version of Ok Computer, by Radiohead. Cool. Can't wait to hear it. Then it'd be cool if Radiohead did a dub remix of that album. That's so recursive, I think my head might explode.

Oh yeah, I finally got my hands on a copy of Modulations if anyone wants to watch it. It's very interesting, if you think that the history of electronic music is interesting.