Friday, January 20, 2006

Want to see something cool but totally freaky? Go here and look at the video of this crazy liquid magnetic sculpture. It's totally airwolf.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ok, first of all, here are some photos of our trip to Orlando, over at my Flickr site. Also, Ken has some. And Collin has some on his site, here.

The sad truth is that I really am not built for scary fun rides anymore. Space Mountain, being essentially a roller coaster built IN THE DARK, with distracting lights that come ENTIRELY TOO CLOSE TO YOUR FRICKIN' FACE, felt like a DEATH TRAP. I was so happy to get off of it when we rode it, that I was too preoccupied with my own happiness to realize how FREAKED OUT I was. Now that I've had time to reflect, I'm never stepping foot on that thing again. The whole time I was essentially staring right in front of my face, trying not to discorporate, and chanting 'Om Mani Padme Om' over and over again. 'Go to your happy place,' indeed.

Tu Tu Tango, despite having fairly wee 'pitchers' of sangria, was hella cool, and much thanks to Jess and Ken for suggesting the place. They had very good calamari.

Some of the highlights:

Beth and Suspira (who is very beautiful and talented) at the restaurant in Marrakech in Epcot. Suspira said that Beth made her day when she showed up, tipped her the way a bellydancer is supposed to be tipped, and then danced with her some. Suspira then came back to our table, got Beth, and had her dance with her some more. Freestyle. Totally cool. I know that made Beth's day. I'm sure she'll tell the girls tomorrow when she goes to bellydance.

Essentially all of Animal Kingdom. The safari was cool, despite the airheads in front of us (wasn't going to let them mar my day). The Africa and Asian sections had the atmosphere down pat. Seriously, a very beautiful place.

Epcot's World Showcase was really neat. It did approach the Death March of Fun status near the end with how tired my feet were. But the firework show at the end made it all worth it.

Getting some hella good sushi in Celebration. Don't even remember the name of the place. But it was exquisite.

I don't care how commercial the place is, I loved the Rainforest Cafe. My one critique is that they should have a section that's a little quieter in atmosphere than the rest of the restaurant. The drinks were the bomb. Beth had a Green Python. I had a Panama Punch. Ken got a cool futurstic light up cup. The shrimp I had was pretty good too.

Two non-Orlando related things.

First, here's the thing I was telling Ken about, called SequoiaView. It let's you see a graphical representation of all the files on your hard drive so that you can see how large things are.

The second is a rap (kinda NSFW) by stick figures called 'The Heist'. I think it's by the Lonely Island guys who did the Narnia rap. And this is the Best Walker Clip Ever.

Oh yeah, and this is a dance number called Kajra Re from a Bollywood flick. I love it.