Saturday, December 23, 2006

Jack was up a lot last night. He seems to be nocturnal. Most of the time he's not that fussy though. He's a good baby.

I added some more photos of him over on my flickr account. Go have a looksee.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

So, Beth finally had baby Jack after 32 hours of labor on December 19th. It was profoundly hard for her, but we made it through. At the end, I had ended up being awake for a little over 58 hours, and Beth was awake for almost as long. She was a real trooper.

There were a few very helpful nurses, two in particular were Glenda who made sure that the tags that were bugging Jack's feet were moved to his hands, and Gwyn the lactation consultant, who was really really nice to Beth.

Beth is really really tired. And in a little pain. I'm kind of tired too, needless to say. But I'd say it was all worth it.

Here are a few pictures, since words really don't do justice to this experience: