Thursday, July 12, 2007

So, Once Upon A Time, the Hortons went on vacation, and went to Memphis to see Peter's brother Mike, and sister-in-law Liz, their kids Tommy and Sarah, and Liz's dad Johnny. A great time was had by all, some chicken and pineapple kabobs were grilled, and the Hortons scored some great spices from this Middle-Eastern market (I got black cardamom, kala jeera, amchoor, cinnamon bark, and some tandoori spice mix). Jack got a little scared because his big cousins Tommy and Sarah were big balls of loudness and energy, but Sarah sang Jack a song, and Jack laughed at Tommy because he thought Tommy was silly. So everything was ok in the end. Jack had fun in the hotel room, and laughed at his mommy and daddy when he sat on the bed and played with his toys.

Also, on the way home from Memphis, the Hortons stopped in Little Rock, to have lunch with Beth's mom and dad, Kathleen and Sophia, and then the Hortons and Kathleen and Sophia went to go visit the Myers Family, where they got to meet Beckett Long Myers. Where this picture was taken. The three amigos, perhaps?