Tuesday, May 31, 2005

When the Universe throws you for a loop, it sure throws you for a loop. Personal stuff that I don't want to get into in this public a forum, but needless to say, sometimes things just suck.

So, excuse the silence lately. The good news is that my cafe got an excellent on the Starbucks visit this week, so that's good.

Listening to some stuff that Mike has been making for his crazy Subgenius brethren on some of the IRC chatrooms he frequents. And people like me, I guess, who can appreciate that madness. I won't link to the stuff until he thinks it's ready.

Working on a new ambient piece, entitled Sleeper Service, for Allen's label, Miniscule Wombat. It proceeds apace. And yes, the title is totally ripped off from the name of a ship in Iain M. Banks' Culture Universe.

You may or may not noticed that I've added a section off to the right called Netradio. All of it is well worth listening to.